• A new vision for a traditional medium

    Cost-effective use of American made art glass

  • Traditional Beauty

    Stained glass isn't inexpensive- but it can last for centuries- so it's always best to invest in a design and materials that compliment your vision- and budget. The largest contributor to cost is labor- and the more pieces per square foot; and the more difficult the cuts, the more expensive the window will be. Add acid-etching, painting, plating, and staining- and the costs rise dramatically. Historically, stained glass windows contained thousands of smaller pieces (owing to the preciousness of the glass, and the methods of manufacture). Medieval windows can have close to 90 pieces per square foot; and early 20th century windows can easily have 40 pieces per square foot. This exquisite detail allows the depiction of detailed images and iconography, and is perfectly suited to the gothic influenced architecture of the time. Modern use of these techniques can produce similarly inspiring works, with commensurate cost.

    Sensitivity to Budgets- and the Architecture

    Twenty years ago, the pastor of Assumption BVM, West Grove, PA (church is pictured above) shared the plans for a new light-filled space featuring large windows forming an arc behind the altar. He wanted to maintain the sense of light- but with a softer, filtered effect. His budget was leaning toward films and blinds; but his heart aspired to stained glass. We explored larger rectilinear forms; reserving arcs and bolder color for the central window beyond the crucifix. Selecting art glass from American foundries to fit openings designed to maximize the sheet yield; and with steel-reinforced interior leads, we created a glass backdrop that highlights the interior furnishings during service; while creating a welcoming beacon to the community at night. The larger pieces of glass actually become a feature- the multicolor mixes lend a painterly effect to a geometric construct- at a very reasonable cost. Regardless of your budget, we will bring design excellence and refinement to your project.

    Our Vision

    Our designs will be site-specific, original compositions that will utilize glass that is expressive in color, texture, and density to tell your story and enhance your built environment. Painted details will be used sparingly but appropriately to add detail where needed. Balancing the jewel tones and brilliance of mouth-blown glass with the translucent glow of American rolled art glass contributes to windows that sparkle day and night. Combined with cathedral quality craftsmanship, you can expect our windows to bring joy for generations!

  • Photos & Videos

    Changing light and environments

    Custom Rolling Sculpture

    Honoring the tradition of Bethlehem Steel, we created brilliant stained glass set into heavy steel tubular frames; suspended from the ceiling

  • Residential/ Institutional Work

    Leaded, beveled, and stained glass you can live with...

    Residential Windows

    Beveled Glass

    Precise craftsmanship accentuates sparkling glass. Wine cellar interior window; private residence- Buckingham, PA

    Residential Windows

    Stained Glass

    Custom stainless steel porthole frames and compliments lighthouse window- designed for transmitted and reflected light. It really opens! Private residence, MD

    Educational Windows

    Stained Glass

    Detail from LaSalle College High School Chapel- mouth-blown German glass with dichroic glass accents. Wyndmoor, PA

    Educational Furnishings

    Stained Glass, Tabernacle and surround, Altar

    Comprehensive design across multiple furnishings and materials. Villa Maria High School Chapel- Malvern, PA

    Church to Residential Conversion

    Restoration of original stained glass with modern framing and custom trimwork

    Custom built aluminum high efficiency framing system with insulated glass protection; custom hardwood interior trim- Doylestown, PA

  • Testimonials

    Our Clients say it best...

    St. Alphonsus Catholic Church

    Maryanne, Building Committee

    When the soul is deeply touched, it is difficult to find words to express those feelings. The moment you walked into our renovation meeting and gave your presentation...I understood, somehow, your sense of the Sacred. It became obvious to all of us that this was so much more to you than..."just a job". Your deep spirituality and love of your work for love of God, was evident in your letter to us. You understood perfectly what we wanted to accomplish. A space which would draw each person into the reality of God's presence.

    As we enter our beautiful worship space ... that is exactly what happens. I told you at the Dedication that you are a good steward of God's gift. We as a parish now have a share in that gift, and we are most grateful.

    Private Residence

    Rita Baker

    In the capacity of professional creative consultant, I was asked to weigh in on a residential window project that a client that had recently commissioned Mark of Scintilla Stained Glass to create for a prominent location in her home. She had discovered Mark on her own and brought me in part way through the project, so I had no idea what to expect when asked to accompany her to his rural Bucks County, PA studio.

    What I learned about Mark is that he's a master craftsman with exceptional skills in this medium, possessing a vast depth of knowledge and experience from having worked on complex projects ranging from large scale, elaborate restoration work for churches — the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, DC among them — to smaller scale custom designed residential windows.

    Mark's high quality aesthetic sensibilities, background in engineering, and exceptional knowledge of the stained glass medium qualify him as the consummate stained glass window professional. Those qualities, along with his kind, approachable personality and friendly working style, make it easy to recommend him without any hesitation whatsoever if you’re thinking about a stained glass project for your home or business.

    Commercial/ Institutional

    John Kimball, Kimball Group, LLC- Developers

  • Our Philosophy

    When art, technology, and exquisite craftsmanship converge in a sacred building, it is not just the worship environment that is transformed...

    Our mission is to create stained and art glass windows that are of our time, but evoke a true sense of the eternal.

    We can make the process of incorporating stained glass in your project a real collaborative effort! We can work with artists, architects, and designers to understand, and then implement their visions for how the stained glass should look. With AutoCAD and Photoshop, we will provide accurate and compelling presentations of what the final project will look like; before the first piece of glass is cut. We ensure that the Owners' needs of iconography, scheduling and budget are adhered to.

    Each project presents its own challenges- we see them as opportunities! If your project would benefit from a glass that is unlike anything available; we will have it made. If your schedule is tight, we can create and work to specifications that all trades can follow to ensure that the finished installation comes together as planned. If budget is a concern, we will recommend glass and design choices that will still afford an elegant solution.

    After 40 years in business, we have the experience to create windows of lasting beauty that will be distinctly original. Our way of working will help make your project memorable and inspiring; transforming both the environment and the individual. Let us send you our resume and letters of recommendation for your review and thoughtful consideration.

    Thank you, for your time and interest!

    Mark Beard,

  • Contact Us

    77 N Chapman Road
    Doylestown, PA 18901
    by appointment
  • Resources & Links

    Learn about the materials and processes we use...

    Washington National Cathedral time lapse

    Beautiful video capturing the changing reflections throughout the day

    (The window we fabricated for CZ Lawrence is featured prominently at 1:54-2:16 and 3:11-3:16)

    NPS Brief #33

    Unbiased guide to care, repair, and restoration of stained glass

    Church to Residential Examples

    Extraordinary examples from around the world.. We can take care of all the window details- from restoration to energy-efficient protection glazing systems allowing for ventillation and egress to meet modern codes.

    J. Sussman, Inc.

    Century-old manufacturer of custom aluminum windows designed for stained glass

    Lamberts Glass

    Makers of mouth-blown antique glass (cylinder method)

    Making Lamberts Glass

    Fascinating and labor-intensive process yields a beautiful glass. We have had several batches of custom glass made for special projects

    Youghiogheny Glass

    Makers of beautiful rolled art glass

    Bullseye Glass

    Makers of beautiful rolled art glass with emphasis on fusing

    Kokomo Opalescent Glass

    Oldest foundry in the USA with sales to Tiffany